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What is Bukkake?
Bukkake is a Japanese term that refers to showering a receiver with sperm from one, several or many men. It is always a sperm shower and, therefore, those on the giving end are always male.

Bukkake History
Legend has it that in ancient Japan, women who were found to be unfaithful were publicly humiliated in the town center by being tied up while every man in town ejaculated all over her to show his distaste. Basically, they were saying that if you're going to take it from someone else, you're going to get it from everyone else.

In the mid to late 80's, Japanese porn producers were looking to push the envelope for their ever demanding crowd of facial customers. The first films usually featured a schoolgirl or secretary who willingly submits to one man after another. They come from everywhere off camera to shower her with ejaculate at just the right moment. As each man finishes, he silently leaves and another quickly takes his place. In some cases, the girl has sex with each man before he ejaculates on her face. <MORE>

Indian Kamasutra History
Indian Kama Sutra History is valuable to know about to understand how to profit from its wisdom, and discard the outdated customs that don't apply today. You see, the Indian Kama Sutra wasn't an entirely original composition. The Hindu love guide is normally attributed to the author, Vatsyayana Mallanaga, a religious scholar and sage who lived in Pataliputra in North India between Benares and Calcutta sometime between 200 and 300 AD. But in actual fact, he was more editor than creator. Vatsyayana wrote the Indian Kama Sutra by compiling the sexual practices documented from earlier centuries. He summarized obscure texts of the erotic sciences from the vast body of Hindu erotology that already existed by the 1st Century AD.

China - History of Sex and more
In early Chinese literature, sexual acts had metaphorical imagery. "Clouds" in literature referred to a woman's ova and vaginal secretions. "Rain" referred to a man's emission of semen.

The Chou dynasty had a Taoist doctrine although Taoism itself was not a formal religion yet. They divided men and women into the yin and the yang. Women were said to have an unexhaustable supply of yin essence.


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